11 Dec 2014
December 11, 2014

Developing Others to Be Their Best

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In reflection, 2014 has been a very dynamic year for me both personally and professionally. There have been some great successes and changes. It has also been a year of great clarity on my purpose in life.

Some of these changes and successes include a lifestyle move from New York City to our new home in Orange County, California. My partner and I missed the lifestyle of having a home. We have been talking about SOCAL for many years as a place that we wanted to live. In August of this year we packed up our one bedroom apartment and moved cross-country to our new home. This included a road tip across the USA! This move has also been the catalyst for me forming Prime Development Solutions.

I also led the design for what I believe to be one of my most interesting and best learning designs I have done in my career. It was a two-day coaching skills for managers program focusing on developing leaders emotional intelligence and influence. We integrated concepts of mindfulness and presence into the content. We added short exercises on meditation, breathing and yoga for the breaks. This all pulled together some personal passions into my professional focuses. I am really proud of the program we developed. We received amazing feedback in the pilots and the train-the-trainer sessions. I will have to watch the success from afar.

The clarity and a driving theme for Prime Development Solutions is that my purpose is Developing Others to Be Their Best. I have always had strong beliefs and a passion for development. I have considered myself to be a good developer of people and have many examples of this in my career. Yet, I had never thought about it as my purpose.

This insight came while I was taking an MOOC (massive open online course) called Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence offered through Coursera https://www.coursera.org/course/lead-ei. I highly recommend these university level offerings, and this particular course. They are free and are available in many different disciplines. They are a great way to continue life long learning.

During this particular course we were asked to conduct an activity focusing on building self-awareness. The activity was to seek feedback from your network on when you were at your best. Goal was to have as many people that you interact with to give you insights into when you were operating at peak performance. This exercise was powerful! What other told me was humbling. A strong theme that emerged was that I was at my best when I was focusing on developing others.

The connection for me was intense. It all seemed to fall in place, what I loved to do, felt confidant doing was my purpose. That day I wrote Developing Others to Be Their Best on my whiteboard in my office. It has since become my mantra. It applies to many aspects of my work and life in general. Whether it be designing a training program, facilitating a session, my mentoring relationship and to guiding and advising friends career and life choices. I look forward to my new venture with Prime Development Solutions. I know that with my clarity of purpose will be a key success.

What is your purpose? How do you integrate what your passionate about into your life and work?

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